Use Your Emotional Courage

I heard a new term yesterday, “Emotional Courage”, which I found intriguing.  “Emotional Courage” is defined as having the courage to stand out from the crowd, accepting criticism and opposition with grace and openness, and being willing to stand in the midst of other’s disapproval without defensiveness.  The trick to emotional courage is in using […]

The Loss of Integrity

How often do you miss or need to reschedule your business and personal appointments? Have you found yourself apologizing more frequently for being late or for forgetting something you promised to do? People today live in a whirlwind of information and activity; and the result is often the loss of integrity. By “integrity”, I ‘m […]

Choosing Acceptance

Most people exist with a fair amount of fear, doubt and worry impacting their day to day lives.  Waves of fear of failing, fear of what “might” happen, fear of being judged disapprovingly by others and fear of making the wrong decision consistently runs through our heads. This is normal, however, it is not the […]

How Do You Define Success?

Society tells us that the greatest leaders and those deemed a success got there by having the most knowledge, educational degrees and real life experience in their area of expertise.   For most of my formative years I too believed that many years of experience, exposure to the best teachers and mentors, and an overabundance of […]

Overcome Your Inner Critic, Get Started

I would like to start by congratulating myself on this my very first blog post.  I congratulate myself not because I have done something unique or admirable but because for me writing this first blog post was extremely hard.   I write this despite my inner critic telling me that it “won’t be of interest to […]

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